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If you wish to be contacted first for a clinic in your area, contact us at Get ahead and be able to choose the classes you want before anyone else.

If you would like to see a Horsemanship Clinic in your area contact us with your location, and what you would like to learn, at

April’s personal style of teaching is unlike any other Clinician! You will learn techniques and tips only top professionals know, and she breaks down difficult exercises into simple, clear steps anyone can grasp. April doesn’t just teach you how to ride – she teaches you how to train your horse!

You can achieve the results you want with your horse:

  • Achieve a Natural Soft Headset
  • Learn Lateral/Longitudinal Suppling and Bending exercises
  • Great Gaits! Teach Your Horse Rhythm and Cadence easily – even speedy horses with no stop button!
  • Using Groundwork to Gain Control in the Saddle
  • Western Dressage – Self Carriage
  • Turning Problems Into Solutions – When ‘bad’ horses turn ‘good’
  • Beginner Horsemen and Riders introductory exercises
  • Discipline Specific and Breed Specific Instruction
  • Get Ready For The Show Season
  • Equitation for English and Western disciplines and Saddle Seat
  • Hunter and Jumper Group Clinics and Individual Instruction
  • I Just Want To Ride For Fun! Make Trail/Pleasure Riding safe and happy, and help with confidence!
  • Groundwork – for Manners, Obedience, Control and Safety
  • Energy Work – What energy is, how it affects the horse, and how you can use energy to your advantage in training. These classes are full days, and include individual work with the human first, then on to groundwork with your horse, and finally under-saddle work. One of BC’s finest Equine Energy & Body workers, Guliz Unlu also travels and works with April in this clinic
  • Equine Agility Horsemanship – learn how to get your horse’s mind and body fit for the saddle work ahead. Teach him how to use his feet, his brain, and how to think problems through without getting emotional. These skills learned on the ground will transfer to saddle. Agility is also just plain fun, and another way to enjoy your horse, bond, and help him become healthier.

All individual lessons are discussed with the student before the clinic. April ensures that every participant receives the instruction they need to get the results they want!

Hosting a Clinic – Private
Host a clinic at your facility, where the Host may attend at no charge. There is a fee to audit, and the host receives all audit fees. Hosts may use or sell their clinic space.

Hosting a Clinic – Make Additional Funds For Your Club!
When you host a clinic at your club grounds your club receives all the audit fees.
Most clubs charge $20/day per person or $30 for the weekend (2 days).

If you only have twenty weekend audits, you receive $600 for your club!

Judging: April is available for judging throughout Western Canada

Types Of Riding Clinics

One-On-One Instruction
1, 2 or more days, 8 hour days, individual instruction.

You may book one hour privates, half hour privates, 1 1/2 or 2 hour groups.

Demo and Group Instruction
April often customizes her clinics to accommodate the needs of the participants and auditors:

  • 1 1/2 hours of specific instruction.
  • Mix & Match: specified instruction & privates.
  • Problem Horses – April works on one horse at a time, so that auditors and participants can take the information home and work on their horses.

Email April at: april reeves 17 at gmail dot com

Phone: 403 224 3893


8 responses to “Book April

  1. Hi, just tried to email you at and it bounced back….Do you have a new email address?
    Inga :)

  2. Cheryl Messores

    Do you ever come out to New Jersey? I just came across your site ans love what I am reading.

    • Hi Cheryl, I haven’t hit New Jersey yet but I’m getting more and more reasons to do so! Lots of followers out that way, and it’s so beautiful there; much like our province. I need a visit with my good friend, Dr. Cesar Parra: must ride at his farm for a bit. Lovely man. Let’s see what 2012 brings: besides building a new horse facility I am looking to travel further out for clinics. When I do I’ll make sure you are first to know. Thank you Cheryl for your support: if you have any questions just blast me a comment.

  3. Cheryl Yingst Bartek

    Hi April,
    Is it possible to book you for private lessons/training? I just found your blog and am very excited to try your methods with my new palomino Morgan (7 y/o). He’s very smart and sensitive and started well, does ground work well with natural horsemanship methods, but then he was left in the field for a couple of years. Also, could you write something about teaching a young horse to move off the leg? Thanks!

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    Yes, I do many private lessons and training, in fact, most of my work is private. Where are you? I’m in Alberta, central near Innisfail/Red Deer area but I travel all over, including the US.

  5. Cheryl Yingst Bartel

    HI April,
    I’m in Calgary. My horse, Yukon, is located just east of the city. I had thought you were in B.C. so am excited you are located close by. I will contact you by email about helping me out with Yukon. He’s a wonderful horse with lots of potential. Thanks for the quick reply. I am really enjoying reading your blogs and posts. Thanks so much for being wiling to share your knowledge this way.

    • I moved to Alberta from BC just this spring! Bought 80 acres to build a big horse park on. I do get into the Calgary area to teach so that’s no problem: my email is aprilreeves17 @ or 403 224 3893. If you know of others in the area, I’m looking for a space in the area to host a Master Horseman set of mini clinics. The person that helps find me something is the person that doesn’t have to pay for the clinics….

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