January 2016 Certificate Classes, Stadium Jumping and English – Western Dressage clinics. SOLD OUT      

More clinics in Alberta coming to various locations: watch for them here or contact April at

Longer classes allows participants a better chance to absorb the information, and gives you the chance for one-on-one instruction.

Lessons are tailored to what you want and need to learn. You will receive lesson sheets for each lesson so that you do not struggle with remembering the material and will have something to practice with.

The Horsemanship classes teach What, How and most important, WHY you are asking your horse to do something. It covers not only the method, but what happens to the anatomy and how to combine the skill sets you are learning. You will come away with the understanding of what goes into the training of any discipline and most breeds. Foundation work starts at the beginning, as if your horse were green, and you quickly progress through each stage until your horse has such a solid base you can move into any discipline.

These classes are for anyone needing and wanting to learn how to start babies, how to fix the problems they are having, how to get the most from their horse easily and simply (because its not hard when you know what to do), and generally learn how to ride better (because when you have a job to do, your riding comes together quick).

April bridges the gap between Natural Horsemanship and elite show ring training. She takes the push-pull and kick hard out of the picture and shows you how to get a great show horse through quieter methods. You will get results without spurs, whips and additional equipment.

You can contact April Reeves at: aprilreeves17 at or 403 224 3893. You can contact her manager, Robyne Wachter at 403 741-2424.



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